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Plaridel Bypass Manila

Seven span balanced cantilever viaduct on the Plaridel arterial road Bypass in the vicinity of Manila, Capital of the Philippines.
Five spans of 60.0 m each, two end spans of 50.0 m, total bridge Length 400.0 m. two Lanes, Overall Deck width 9.95 m.

Completion of first 400 m Stretch: 2018
Second Parallel Bridge in progress: 2019/2020

Design: Katahira & Engineers International

Main Contractor: Shimizu Corporation

construction engineering and Workshop drawings: SPECO (HK) Vietnam Representative Office

Construction Stage Analysis: Klein Engineering

Temporary Works Design and Site Supervision (Formwork Travellers, Pier Table Supports and site supervision): Faessler Engineering
Photos: Siah Chee Seng, SPECO (HK) Vietnam Representative Office

Youtube: dmitrivalencia

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