Pascal Klein

Dipl. Ing. ETH/SIA

Engeløya Bru, Ålstad Nordland Norway

Curved two lane highway bridge over the Vestfjord waters. Replacement of the existing circular concrete bridge. Prestressed concrete girder over ten spans: 26.00 – 8 x 33.50 – 26.00 m.
Total length 329.30 m. Deck width 10.10 m.
Radius in plan view 288.50 m.
Falsework made of Prewag Girders.

Client: Nordland Fylkeskommune
Design: EFLA AS
Contractor: Implenia Norge AS
Falsework Design: Klein Engineering

Construction period: 2022/2023

Photo: Øyvind Rask, Wikimedia Commons
Video: Nordland fylkeskommune, YouTube

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