Pascal Klein

Dipl. Ing. ETH/SIA


Klein Engineering has been founded in the year 2001 by Eng. Pascal Klein. The office is located at Culmannstrasse next to the Federal Institute of Technology in the city centre 20 minutes from the Zurich International Airport. The company is specialised in bridge design, construction engineering and site supervision. Experience from the consultants perspective as well as from the specialist subcontractor’s optic round off the corporate knowledge.

Klein Engineering is a founding member of the bridgelab network.

Services are provided in the following areas:

Structural Design

  • Bridge Design – Cable Stayed, Arch, Incremental Launching
  • Prestressed Concrete, Steel and Composite Design
  • Preliminary Design for Design and Build Tendering Structural
  • Assessment of Existing Structures Strengthening and Repair (Steel, Concrete) Concrete Refurbishment Stone Pier
  • Strengthening and Repair
  • Conceptual Design, Variants and Proposals
  • Value Engineering, System Optimisation
  • Site Assistance
  • Finite Element Analysis of System Components 3d-Frame Analysis, Earthquake and Wind Analysis Time Dependent Effects
  • Expert Reports Tender Documents Workshop Drawings (Steel and Concrete)
  • Heavy Lifting

Construction Engineering

  • Stressing Programs, Stage byStage Construction Analysis
  • Balanced Cantilevering Calculations, Deflection Control
  • Incremental Launching, Heavy Lifting Consideration of Time Dependent Effects Method Statements, Cable Installation Procedures Single Strand Installation, Sagging Calculations Temporary Works, Site Assistance Fine Tuning, Monitoring On-site Design Support, Project Management
  • Emergency Engineering


  • Reinforced Concrete Design Post-tensioned Slab Design Strenghtening and Repair – Concrete, Steel and WoodenStructures
  • Conceptual Design Renovation, Reconstruction, Alteration
  • Assistance for Architectural Competitions Wooden Roof Structures Composite Structures – Wooden Beams with Concrete Slab Structural Stone Foundations¬†


Project Proof Checking

  • Checking Engineer (Tender Design, Execution)
  • Site Inspections
  • Technical Supervision
  • Second Opinion
  • Design Team Internal Quality Assurance
  • Status Evaluations

Design Competitions

  • Member of the Jury
  • Reporting

Solid Mechanics

  • Stress Field Analysis (plastic deformation theory)
  • Solid Modelling
  • System Design and Optimisation

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